Nothing changes

in permafrost

There’s nothing good

in permafrost

Good things don’t last

At your last gasp

It will still all be waiting

in permafrost.

I hate the cold.  I did everything I could to get away from it.  Whatever it took.  People spend thousands to go to the snow.  You know how much their gear costs?  Crazy the money you can find on them.  You every tried to dig a hole in frozen dirt?  Sometimes you have no choice.  You can’t wait round for spring.  It will all be over by then.

But this is just stuff I make up.  The lady tells you that you can tell her anything, but then she tells you that if you say anything that makes her think you might hurt yourself or hurt other people, she has to report it.  So I told her, I’m just telling her made up stuff.  As if I’m going to hurt myself.


7 responses to “Permafrost

  1. You visited my blog this morning and said that you like black swans. What do they mean to you? I would be interested to know how you found my blog as it seems so different than yours. You are welcome to return whenever you wish. I am going to subscribe to yours for awhile. Let’s see what happens. I send you love and light as I work for the Light. pat

  2. 1. I just like them. They look elegant and graceful, but they are tough. When I was a kid I saw some nesting in a big pond in a park. My dad showed me how rats kept swimming out to the little island they were nesting on. One of the rats got too close, I think it was trying to steal eggs, and there was an explosion of movement and wing flapping and the swan had the rat pinned under the water, and it held it there til it drowned. That was a very interesting day. I never saw white swans nesting so I don’t know how they are. A tourist got bitten by a possum too that day, but it was his fault, he tried to pick it up. I think he was German.

    2. Don’t know. Randomness. Why is mine different? Do you think it is bad? Thats ok.

    3. I have a job now. I know thats not what you mean by working but.

  3. i think your experience w/”the lady,” reflects how many feel when voicing their own feelings. i know for me, i have dark thoughts for lack of a better word yet i know in my heart i would never do away w/myself b/c: i have a pet i care named Cinnamon, i have family that will miss me and be greatly effected and also i have people i don’t want to be apart from. that said, it bothers me when people treat expression of deep thought and emotions as taboo practice. granted there are people that may need help in way of medicine, exercise, change of diet, therapy, etc. but for most part if we shared and discussed what we thought more often, i think a lot of people would feel less trapped w/in themselves and amongst one another.

    • She helped a lot but her rules are there by law so thats ok, its all just stuff I make up, and I have some violent poems but they are all made up too, thats all I have to say. Its more about things that might happen in future that you have to be careful what you say and nothing will happen in future. Should I put those poems on do you think? They are not bloody and gross, just about fights and things, but what if people get angry or don’t like them.
      I’m glad you would not harm yourself please don’t, that would be very bad, so that is good news.

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