The Wall Street Doggerel

Evicted from Easy Street,

Barricade on Main Street,

An accident on Kelly Street,

Gonna occupy Wall Street

I am the 99 per cent

I figure I’m owed, I paid my rent

Got my lawn chair and my cub tent

Gonna live where my money went

Police say don’t you go there

you’re not a skin head, not a long hair

Your injuries won’t be covered by medicare

You won’t fit in you old square

Can’t fit a revolution in a tweet

Won’t march to a drum I don’t beat

Charlene, the zombies are coming down Ramsey Street

We’re all gonna occupy Wall Street


12 responses to “The Wall Street Doggerel

  1. I hope somebody has made this into a folk song already. I’m not hearing of any folk songs to come out of the Occupy Wall Street movement yet, but I’m sure somebody’s already cooked up schemes for an anthology.

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