The death of pi

I ran off

to join the circus

but found I was

already there


Circus without end

Circus without beginning

Look on ye mighty

and despair


Trace me round

I am a zero

Look and see

Nothing is there


Circus without beginning

Circus without end

Look on ye feeble

and despair


If I was clever enough I would have done the poem in one great big circle.  Sorry I didn’t do that.  I don’t like the circus.  Things go on that no one sees.  The lights are there to make you look at things, but I wonder what else is going on.  Hell is a circus that never ends.


6 responses to “The death of pi

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  3. I like the imagery in the third stanza with the trace me around line. I was thinking that the premise of this poem has a lot of material that you can use. You should write a part 2 and include what you wrote about the things that go on that no one sees and especially about the lights. I also feel like there is a layer of metaphor that i’m not getting.

  4. French clowns are fun and good at parties. The third stanza is the strongest; only I’m not sure how the details in it relate to the circus. Unless they have to do with the rings the circus performers use…? Are you saying that you — like the rings under the circus tent– have nothing to offer? You’re empty because they’re empty. Or in running off to the circus, you became the circus…?

    I bet a French clown would know the answers 🙂


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