Jaws and Ninjas

Richard Dreyfuss

It will be a lonely reunion for Richard Dreyfuss

in the cabin of the Orca.

With Roy Scheider and Robert Shaw gone

he will be all alone

walking the deck.

He will stoically maintain the fiction

that there is no other crew,

no fourth wall

between him and the audience.

No bestboy, no grip, no camera auteur

He is the last one left.

Your crew mates drop away

with time,

but the Monster remains

for all time.

You have to keep killing the shark over and over

until finally it kills you.

There is no other end

to any of our stories.

Even Richard Dreyfuss will walk the plank.


Ninjas can’t dance

Ninjas can’t dance

if the music ain’t disco

That is their secret limitation,

a truth that is a threat to their dignity.

It ain’t much.

They can still kill

and fly and turn invisible

and such.

Just don’t expect them to bust a move,

if it ain’t disco.



Sharks and ninjas – we all win, and there is a pirate reference.


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