Toad on a Grecian Urn

There’s a toad on my urn

what’s it doing there?

Is it brushing its teeth,

or combing its hair?


There’s a toad on my urn,

how’d it get up there?

It had to jump high

up in the air.


I got that urn myself,

I stole it from Con.

I have to hide it away,

every time he comes round.


He got it from his mother,

before she died.

Don’t worry I checked,

there are no ashes inside.


The toad looks pretty fat,

I hope the urn doesn’t break.

If I have to steal another,

I feel sorry for Con’s sake.


‘Struth, that’s enough carry on,

that’s all you need to know.

My  urn is a beauty,

The toad only so-so.

Toads may be ugly, but who wants to be lonely.  An urn may be beautiful, but it will never hold you – at best it will only hold your ashes.  Toads on the other hand are always up for a cuddle.


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