Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea


do not interfere

with my bathysphere.

Your ancient style

does not cut it,

not with me,

you liar of the sea.

Oh Trickster fish

you make a dish

of trickery and deceit.

Pulp forteans cite

you as proof we might

find a living dinosaur

if we look deep enough

on the ancient sea floor.

How could we?

A dinosaur under the sea?

It would drown.

I should have rhymed sea floor

with icthyosaur,

that would have been ok.

Or plesiosaur.

I better check my oxygen level.

Somethings not rite.

Stupid second hand


Stupid E bay.

Who dressed the coelacanth in a zoot suit?

There is a mystery for you, Leonard Nimoy.

Nimoy – what are ewe doing hear?

Pressure …


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