Internet, you are full of shit

Are you having fun

on the internet?

Interacting with dozens

you’ve never met.

Without it,

how many obscure

bookshops would you

have had to endure

to discover the secret link

between the Rothschilds

and your local skating rink?

The masonic conspiracy

to exploit someone else’s


The zionist bolshevik combine

that is behind the plan to mine

your backyard?

No Jews went to work that day,

its hardly surprising,

as well as eating babies,

they excel at organising.

Bin laden made his fortune

forging certificates of birth,

Obama is controlled by communists

from the centre of the earth.

Eternal salvation

requires correct pronunciation

of each of the names of God.

Old mother Hubbard

found body thetans in the cupboard.

The Reverend Moon,

he’s still calling the tune,

the hip beat

of zombies selling flowers in the street.


you are Brown, Dan; you are Erich von Daniken.

you are the Magicians of Dawn, you are Linda Goodman’s sun signs,

you are Shirley Maclaine, you are Carlos Castaneda,

you are T Lobsang Rampa,

the Joy of Sex,

Sven Hassell, Findhorn, The passport to Mangonia.

You win us friends and influence people.

you are both Tom Grattan’s and Tom Brown’s school days.

The Spear of Destiny and Edgar Cayce,

The Long Banana Peel and the spaceships of Ezekiel.


you are Corgi Books, spread infinitely thin

bringing us all together,

helping crypto fascists and high school drop out gnostics

find each other,

when they never would have before.

I didn’t say its a good thing.


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