Masses, this is what you have been waiting for!

Here it is, the latest music video by Bucket Man.  Move over Psy, here is the dancing communist super man …

Joe Chip sings:  “I can dream about fish…”

What more could you ask for?  (art?  good taste?  high production values? phht)

I can dream about FISH

all I like,

I can dream about FISH

all I like,

The bastard’s can’t stop me now

I’m dreamin’ ’bout fish right now,

I can dream about FISH

all I like.

Thank you Bucket man.

Homeopathy and other fictions


A homeopath

is a sociopath

in your home

putting drops into everything

and you don’t know about it.

Who knows where your water has been?

Memory persists in water.

Memory persists in me.

I still see the faces staring up from under the ice.

When that frozen water melts,

what memories it will carry to the sea.


I’m not picking on alternative medicine this week, though it might seem like that.  I don’t trust any medicine.  I like the old Chinese way, you only pay your doctor while you are well.  I don’t like their medicine though.  Homeopaths water down their treatments to the nth degree.  Memory persists in the water, they say.  But what else has that water seen?  What other memories is it carrying in to me?  What poisons, what disasters?  Water from drowned lungs, water from flooded cities, from industrial processes, the urination of the dying … I don’t want it in me, I don’t want the memories of it all.  I’m trying to get rid of memories, I don’t want new ones.


Marine Boy

You need your gadgets boy,

and how cool they are:

rocket propeller shoes

electric boomerang

oxy gum.

But you will never fit in.

Everything underwater will always be blurry before your eyes

obscuring the truth

that the mermaid is never taking you home to meet her parents.

You are a fish out of water, boy

Always just one stick of gum away from death.

That’s no way to live.


Technology obscures our weaknesses.  There is no record in prehistoric times of humans requiring underwater breathing apparatus.  At first the ancient Greeks had no need of it, until Archimedes required a device with pump to explore under water.  Ancient humans travelled great distances across seas without boats.  It is only with the development of civilisation that our ability to breathe underwater has disappeared.  Do our developments make us weak, or is there a more sinister explanation?  Has the ability been deliberately removed, through genetic manipulation, or other means?  DO NOT TRY TO BREATH UNDERWATER, YOU WILL DIE.  Not everyone can be as strong as me.  Not even me.


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