Sad Party Thing

It was Flag Day

so we wrapped ourselves in our flags

and went to the pub.

Everybody else had the same idea, but.

All the flags were the same

because we are all Flaglanders.

It would have been nice to wrap myself

in the flag of difference

but I was too scared.

Everyone looked the same.

The fun idea had become

A Sad Party Thing.

It doesn’t matter.

The flag unites us.

Our fear of looking different unites us.

All eyes are wary on Flag Day.

Everyone smiles with their mouths

as they lift their beers,

but all those eyes are looking about.

And those eyes are quick.

You don’t want to stand out.

Not on Flag Day.

There are no excuses.

It is not “I pay my taxes” day.

It is not “I am a human being, I have rights” day.

It is fucking Flag Day.


You sad party thing.


Edgar gave me an East German flag years ago but I decided not to take it.  I would have had to explain it for a start, and anything that needs explaining marks you as an intellectual, and we all know they need to be taken down a peg or two.

The Joe Chip portal has been updated here.  There is a nice picture of a bird.



The bear came over the mountain

The bear came over the mountain

The bear came over the mountain

Should have stayed on your own side, bear.

This was an exercise in group.  I know its not original, but you should have seen how other people finished it.  “We admire you Brother Bear, for your strength and grace, thanks for visiting”.  Try saying that as the bear rips your head off. “She brought her cubs and started a safe new life.”  What can you say to some people?  There is nowhere safe.

If you stray from your territory, there can be a price to pay.  Bears know that as well as anyone.  It may not be fair, but thats the way things are.  He should have stayed in his own territory, where he belonged.  It was hard when I left the cold, but it had to be done, and I knew it wasn’t going to be easy.  You have to be prepared.  Bear should have been ready.

And then there was this idiot didn’t treat it seriously: “And did a shit in the woods”.  What is that?  Its all woods.

The Wall Street Doggerel

Evicted from Easy Street,

Barricade on Main Street,

An accident on Kelly Street,

Gonna occupy Wall Street

I am the 99 per cent

I figure I’m owed, I paid my rent

Got my lawn chair and my cub tent

Gonna live where my money went

Police say don’t you go there

you’re not a skin head, not a long hair

Your injuries won’t be covered by medicare

You won’t fit in you old square

Can’t fit a revolution in a tweet

Won’t march to a drum I don’t beat

Charlene, the zombies are coming down Ramsey Street

We’re all gonna occupy Wall Street