Ugly fat old man

Hey ugly fat old man

what do you think you are doing

just standing there staring at me like that

with your face covered in shaving cream?

What happened to that young guy

you people used to have

on the other side of the mirror?

Did he get bored hanging around?

Went looking for somewhere more interesting

to hang out?

You may as well stick around,

I suppose.

I hate to think who they might send

to replace you,

if you were to go.

You’ve got his nose, you know.

You two related?

How come you got so many ugly people

over there?


Pathetique.  Its less pathetic, when its in French.

1000th view today

Thank you, thank you.  It nearly passed unnoticed.  I can now pass onto another dimension without qualm (except perhaps about that dying stuff). I would write a poem to mark the occasion, but Celebrity Apprentice is on in another room and it has sapped my everythingness with its nothingness*.  Do you remember the celebrities on celebrity squares who were celebrities for being on … celebrity squares?


*its for the best – what came immediately to mind was to rhyme “1000 views” with “1000 poos”